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"Mixing tea with food" is an interesting trend that not only can increase the nutritional value of the food but also add a unique flavor and texture to dishes. Tea is not just a beverage but can also be used as an ingredient to create a variety of delicious dishes.

There are four main ways to use tea in cooking:

① Roasting or stir-frying fresh tea together with food to create tea-infused dishes.

② Adding food to boiling tea for stewing or braising.

③ Grinding tea into powder to add to dishes or prepare tea-based desserts.

④ Using tea to flavor foods by smoking them.

Different types of tea have different flavors and aromas, making them an ideal choice for seasoning dishes.

For example, delicate Longjing tea can be used to prepare mushroom soup, smoky Da Hong Pao tea can be used to season roasted fish, and rich Pu'er tea can be used to prepare sweet and sour ribs.

Additionally, tea can be used to prepare sweets and pastries. For instance, by mixing green tea with cream and sugar, you can make a fluffy and fragrant green tea cake. Using black tea in the preparation of cakes and cookies can also add a unique aroma and flavor to the desserts.

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